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We look up at the moon when telling someone I love you.
We look back through history when creating something new. 
New moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, full moon…
Vinyl record, typewriter, film projector, message board…
​Moon morphs in nature, message travels in live

Moon, Phase Moon, Phase Mo  creates dialogues between moon phase and language; retro machines and new media; mystery and unveiling. Through the experience of exploring the spinning vinyl record, sending a message in moon phases, to finally revealing the result from the riddle, people are welcome to participate in the complete storytelling flow. Inspired by the feedback notebooks in galleries and art museums, when reaching the end page, we are able to read what is written down by all participants.

In the fast spinning world, we are always searching for efficiency and productivity. But when the night comes, accompanied by the moonlight, we feel, we cry, we drink, we dance, we are naked to our emotions. Moon, Phase invites the audience to slow down the pace and immerse in the retro messaging experience. Look at the moon, play with the moon phases. ​

Now, Click the button and start your journey.

Moon, Phase

Phase 01:  Prelude

Let the moon start the performance

The moon phases gradually change over a synodic month.
Wondering around on the vinyl spirals. Music jumping out.

Can you hear the moon? 

Phase 02:  Interlude

Leave a moon phase message to someone you love.

​Inspired by artist Leandro Katz’s Viaje a la Luna, our second scene imitates the vintage-styled typewriter under the moon phase keyboard. The wane and wax of the moon represent the letters a-z.

Tell me through the moon.

Phase 03:  Postlude

The moon's gravitational pull is the primary tidal force.

We combined old-style film with the relationship between moons and tides. The sides of the film imply the rise and fall of tides corresponding to the moon phases input by you. Slowly push the voyage to the finale.

The moon is still with you.

Phase 04:  Finale

Open the envelope.

The message you entered from Interlude will be revealed on the note. In the middle of the note.


All secrets will be revealed. As my feelings.​

Video Demonstration

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